Thank you for your interest in Hand Tied Hair Extensions.

Also known as "Sew in" or "Beaded" hand tied extensions.

This is the most seamless method EVERYONE is talking about!

I am certified in the Invisible Bead Extensions method.

I custom match your hair using multiple wefts to create the perfect blend for your hair.

Whether you want length, fullness or all the above, Hand Tied Extensions can be customized just for you!

Not only is this the least damaging method being used today, but the ponytails, messy buns, braids and different hairstyles you can create are endless.

The Experience

The experience begins when you fill out the luxury extension inquiry form.

After determining that extensions are right for you, we will meet in person for a consultation and discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair extension desires.

I will then custom color your extensions using multiple formulas and wefts to create a beautiful, seamless blend.

Next comes install. The actual installation generally takes about 30-45 minutes per row, with 2 rows being average.

Finally, we will cut your new hair to blend with your natural hair, and finish off with my signature waves and an instagram photoshoot.  

Initial Install Guidelines 

The price for the initial install and the hair is based on the desired length and fullness of your hair. For an exact quote, a consultation will be needed. below is a list of approximate pricing.

1 Row for fullness/thickness/volume to current length

10" $270 to 22" $620

2 Rows to adds length and medium fullness

10" $540 to 22" $1240


3 Rows for total transformation/ adds length and fullness

10" $810 to $1860


Maintenance is $120 per row for move up, additional fees apply if there is matting or if the removal is timely

consultation is recommended to determine your goals and how many rows, wefts of hair will be necessary. 


To finish, we will book your adjustment appointment and I will recommend a product kit specifically for the extensions.

The product kit is designed to give the extension hair longevity.

Below you will find the extension home care instructions. 

Extensions should be adjusted every 6-8 weeks, they can be booked as a stand alone appointment or bundled with color as well.

The extension hair should be replaced every 6-10 months with proper care and can be replaced all at once or a little at a time.


Can you style your hair normally? 

  • Yes! Ponytails, braids, along with so many other versatile styles.

Can I workout with my Extensions?

  • Yes! Gym hair is best in a braid or pony.


Can I swim with Extensions?

  • Yes! You can swim with your extensions. Recommended doing so with a tight braid and more 

Click here to learn about "HOME CARE" 

Ready for thick gorgeous hair?

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